The launch of our new ‘Constituency Profile’ data dashboards

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A screenshot showing the front page of the Constituency Profile dashboard
The front page of the new RaISe Constituency Profile data dashboard

Throughout 2020 RaISe has been focused on developing the rollout of a Digital Strategy.

Given the current situation with the COVID-19 pandemic, and staff working remotely from home, we recognised the need to deliver information to Members in a more accessible, interactive and most importantly a digital format.

As part of that strategy RaISe conducted a review of our current ‘Constituency Profile’ documents which had historically been designed in an Adobe PDF format. We identified that these could be redesigned through the PowerBI software package.

Redesigning in PowerBI not only allowed us to present the information in a more accessible and interactive format, but also meant that it was quicker for RaISe to amend and update the data in the dashboards as this became publically available. This allows us to deliver information to our Members and their support staff in a more agile way.

PowerBI allowed us to incorporate interactive GIS mapping into our reports – a powerful visual interface for a ‘point and click’ way of exploring the data.

The newly published format of the Constituency Profiles now provides a statistical overview of each Northern Ireland parliamentary constituency. Key indicators are included across six areas of statistics including Health, Education, the Labour Market, Business, Income, Crime/Traffic and Travel.

A screenshot showing the education data dashboard from the new RaISe Constituency Profiles
The education data dashboard from the new RaISe Constituency Profiles

Data is drawn primarily from NISRA data sets, with Crime and Road Traffic data drawn from PSNI data. A demographic profile for each constituency is also included.

The newly published ‘Constituency Profile’ data dashboards can be accessed here. We would welcome any feedback on our new Constituency Profiles via the Research Matters contact form.