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This Interactive Timeline illustrates the complexity of the situation surrounding the formation of the draft Executive Budget 2021-22.  The Timeline includes critical events, which:

  • Caused delays in the Budget timetable; and,
  • Inform the size of the Executive’s Spending Envelope for 2021-22.

Each of those factors is important because each impacts the Assembly’s consideration of the Budget – i.e. the Assembly as a whole in the Chamber and individual committees – when seeking to scrutinise and advise on departmental allocations:

  1. Delays, at the UK level, have meant that the consultation process on the current draft Budget began very late in the current financial year; compressing the period of time to form the Budget.  Also, as noted earlier, the time lag between Treasury initial confirmation of the Spending Envelope by Treasury and subsequent Executive consideration of the Finance Minister’s draft Executive Budget 2021-22 proposals.
  2. Uncertainties regarding the size of the Executive’s Spending Envelope has complicated the Finance Minister’s planning process.

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