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Children & Families

A black and white image of a woman with her hand covering her face
Is coercive control a crime?

Reading Time: 4 minutes In 2016 a man called Lance Hart shot his wife Claire and daughter Charlotte outside a swimming pool in Lincolnshire, England, before turning his shotgun on himself. Some of the media coverage of the murder

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An image showing a child in a thumbs up pose
Cross-border child protection in the EU

Reading Time: 4 minutes A significant number of European Union laws and policies have a direct role in protecting and promoting children’s rights. What has the EU achieved in the area of cross-border child protection?

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Community Relations

Reconciliation sculpture i nthe grounds of the Stormont Estate, by the artist Josefina de Vasconcellos.
Dealing with the past in Northern Ireland

Reading Time: 3 minutes One area that has created considerable political division in Northern Ireland is how to deal with a contested past. Broadly, ‘dealing with the past’ tends to refer to issues relating to people affected by the

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Culture & Sport

Image of the 'Harvests from Land and Sea' exhibition at Down County Museum (image used courtesy of Down County Museum)
Measuring museum success: How and why?

Reading Time: 7 minutes Northern Ireland (NI) currently has 44 Accredited museums. But how does this compare with elsewhere and how should we go about assessing whether our museums are performing well? This article looks at some of the

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A graph comparing Northern Ireland median hourly pay by industry and gender for 2019
Northern Ireland Gender Pay Gap – 2020 update

Reading Time: 7 minutes By Michael Scholes & Aidan Stennett To highlight International Women’s Day, the following article updates our previous blog article examining the Gender Pay Gap in Northern Ireland, presenting the latest available data.The UK Government defines

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Health & Social Care


Third Sector

An image of two hands: there may be testing times ahead for the Third Sector
Testing times ahead for the Third Sector

Reading Time: 3 minutes The Third Sector makes a substantial, but at times unrecognised, contribution to society in Northern Ireland. It is a key provider of health/social care; housing/housing support; education and training; environmental protection; childcare; youth services; sport,

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