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Economy & Finance


Map showing the top five NI export markets 2017
Northern Ireland trade in goods, 2017

This blog post uses the most recent annual data from the HM Revenue and Customs’ (HMRC) Regional Trade Statistics [Download: Excel file] to provide an overview of Northern Ireland’s (NI) current position with regard to

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Employment & Labour Market



We don’t need no education!

The finances of Northern Ireland’s schools have been in the spotlight for some time. For example, the Northern Ireland Affairs Committee at Westminster is currently holding an Inquiry into Education funding. In June 2018, Northern

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A photograph showing Market Square in Lisburn (credit: Albert Bridge)
What are rates and why do we pay them?

Rates are a property tax paid by households and businesses. There are two different types of rates in Northern Ireland, domestic rates for residential properties and non-domestic rates for businesses and other non-residential properties, such

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