Democracy and Government

A photograph of the Houses of Parliament
EU exit regulations and Northern Ireland

Reading Time: 4 minutes A high profile consequence of the continuing failure to establish an Executive and fully functioning Assembly was the legislative passage this week of the Northern Ireland (Executive Formation and Exercise of Functions) Bill 2018.  A

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A black and white image of a woman with her hand covering her face
Is coercive control a crime?

Reading Time: 4 minutes In 2016 a man called Lance Hart shot his wife Claire and daughter Charlotte outside a swimming pool in Lincolnshire, England, before turning his shotgun on himself. Some of the media coverage of the murder

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An aerial view of the Peace Bridge in Derry/Londonderry
COVID-19 and planning measures

Reading Time: 7 minutes This article explores the temporary planning measures introduced as a response to COVID-19 across the UK and Republic of Ireland (ROI). Some of these measures have, and will, require urgent legislative change, while other aspects

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Image of a planned urban landscape: Local development planning is now with local councils
Planning in a new environment

Reading Time: 3 minutes The planning system has undergone much change recently, so what are the new structures and how has the balance of responsibility shifted between central and local government?

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Statistics & GIS

Where are we on the COVID-19 curve?

Reading Time: 4 minutes   Most of us by now understand the need to ‘flatten the curve’ in order to reduce the number of overall cases of COVID-19 and to keep the peak of infections below the threshold of

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