Democracy and Government

A photograph of the Houses of Parliament
EU exit regulations and Northern Ireland

A high profile consequence of the continuing failure to establish an Executive and fully functioning Assembly was the legislative passage this week of the Northern Ireland (Executive Formation and Exercise of Functions) Bill 2018.  A

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Image of a planned urban landscape: Local development planning is now with local councils
Planning in a new environment

The planning system has undergone much change recently, so what are the new structures and how has the balance of responsibility shifted between central and local government?

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The merging of environment and agriculture
A new mandate, a new Environment

Local government underwent significant structural change in 2015 with the number of councils reducing from 26 to 11, and the transfer of many functions from central to local government. This has brought changes to the

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Statistics & GIS

A photograph showing a selection of titles from the 100 classification in the Assembly Library; in the Dewey Decimal system, 100 is used to classify philosophy and psychology
Research Matters at 100

Our blog has just published its 100th article. The Assembly Research and Information Service launched Research Matters in May 2016 in order to provide short, topical articles on recent research for Members of the Legislative

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