Visualisation of COVID-19 in Northern Ireland

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By Keara McKay & Thomas Procter

This is a visualisation prepared and maintained by the Northern Ireland Assembly Research and Information Service (RaISe). It presents the spread of COVID-19 infection and the number deaths where COVID-19 was present throughout Northern Ireland. This is set within the context of infections and number of deaths occurring across the world and specifically in England, Scotland and Wales.

Use the arrows below to navigate through the visualisations.

Please note that this visualisation was last updated on 3 September 2021; a more up-to-date visualisation of COVID-19 data for Northern Ireland is available.

This visualisation has been prepared using publically available data from the Public Health Authority (Northern Ireland), publically available data from Public Health England and publically available data from the World Health Organisation.

The visualisation will be updated daily with new data as this is published.

See also our related visualisation, The impact of COVID-19 on Northern Ireland.