Visualisation of COVID-19 in Northern Ireland

Reading Time: < 1 minute

By Aaron McMurray & James Bamford

This dashboard has been prepared by the Assembly Research and Information Service (RaISe) to visualise data describing the spread of COVID-19 in Northern Ireland. This dashboard is intended to present COVID-19 data in a way which facilitates engagement with Assembly Members and our wider audience.

Increasingly the work of RaISe has involved the use of digital technology in producing and publishing information and this dashboard is no exception with data being sourced and formatted through a combination of automated API calls and web scraping.

This dashboard has been prepared using publicly available data published by: the Public Health Agency (Northern Ireland); Public Health England; and the Department of Health NI (DoH).

Please note that this dashboard is an updated version of a previous visual produced in April 2020. This new version contains data up to 13th January 2022.

RaISe endeavours to update this dashboard on a weekly basis.