Health & Society

Health & Society

Children & Families

Breastfeeding welcome here?

Reading Time: 6 minutes Breastfeeding in public is often a topic for debate. Although a very personal decision for parents, breastfeeding in public spaces is viewed as a social issue with divided opinions. This article looks at the benefits

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Community Relations

Culture & Sport

Artwork hanging in the street during Belfast Culture Night (Image by David Bunting, Images-NI, under Creative Commons)
Where has the culture and arts strategy got to?

Reading Time: 4 minutes Back in November 2015, prior to the re-structuring of departments, the Department of Culture, Arts and Leisure published a consultation document, seeking views on the development of a ‘Strategy for Culture & Arts 2016-2026’. This article

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Women’s economic transition to retirement

Reading Time: 6 minutes While women are increasingly better educated than men, they earn less, feel less financially secure, provide the bulk of unpaid care, have smaller pensions, face greater hardship in later life and struggle to pay for

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Modernising equality legislation

Reading Time: 3 minutes Following decades of piecemeal development, governments are increasingly seeking to address the common problem of fragmented, uneven and incoherent equality legislation.

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Health & Social Care

Where are we on the COVID-19 curve?

Reading Time: 4 minutes   Most of us by now understand the need to ‘flatten the curve’ in order to reduce the number of overall cases of COVID-19 and to keep the peak of infections below the threshold of

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A blue and white image depicting a coronavirus
Visualisation of COVID-19 in Northern Ireland

Reading Time: < 1 minute By Keara McKay & Thomas Procter This is a visualisation prepared and maintained by the Northern Ireland Assembly Research and Information Service (RaISe). It presents the spread of COVID-19 infection and the number deaths where

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Blurred image of multiple faces
The many faces of homelessness in Northern Ireland

Reading Time: 5 minutes Homelessness is a highly emotive issue and attention on the plight of those who are homeless in Northern Ireland has gained particular momentum over recent months with housing, homelessness and many other organisations working determinedly

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Third Sector