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Here you will find an archive of Economy & Finance Blog articles published before 1 January 2020, divided into their relevant categories.


Map showing the top five NI export markets 2017
Northern Ireland trade in goods, 2017

Reading Time: 4 minutes Please note: we have posted a new version of this blog article using the most recent HMRC annual trade data, see here. This blog post uses the most recent annual data from the HM Revenue

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Women’s economic transition to retirement

Reading Time: 6 minutes While women are increasingly better educated than men, they earn less, feel less financially secure, provide the bulk of unpaid care, have smaller pensions, face greater hardship in later life and struggle to pay for

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Employment & Labour Market

A student reading in a library (Image: Tulane University, under Creative Commons)
Economic impact of cuts to the Higher Education sector

Reading Time: 3 minutes Education and training are key factors in economic progress, acting as a means of raising productivity. Whilst other factors can result in short-run economic improvements, education and training are critical to embedding long-term growth. As

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A pay slip with pound coins
The National Living Wage and Northern Ireland

Reading Time: 3 minutes The introduction of the National Living Wage (NLW) could have a number of impacts in Northern Ireland (NI), raising the earnings of those aged over 25, but potentially creating issues for Small to Medium Enterprises

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Enterprise and Investment


A photograph showing Market Square in Lisburn (credit: Albert Bridge)
What are rates and why do we pay them?

Reading Time: 5 minutes Rates are a property tax paid by households and businesses. There are two different types of rates in Northern Ireland, domestic rates for residential properties and non-domestic rates for businesses and other non-residential properties, such

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Research and Innovation